Digi Locker service to issue digital certificate or document Generate interoperable secure digital credentials: ValidLog helps credential issuing institutions to generate digitally verifiable credentials or credentials. These credentials can be integrated with any repository ranging from institution’s private repository to Digilocker repository / Catosoft’s Blockchain based repository. Save cost in digitising credentials: ValidLog helps credential issuing institutions to automate credential issuing processes and also helps in utilizing validation rules and perform specific actions on credentials, such as metadata capture, classification of credentials, and electronic signature, without human involvement. This speed ups business processes as well as enhances their quality. 20-35% of operating revenue costs are caused by poor data quality. Secure Personally identifiable information of recipients and all digital footprints: ValidLog provides end to end encryption (not even visible to us) to credential issuing institutions so that they can store, and transmit credentials / credentials of its recipients in a secured manner.

What Digital locker service or Document issuance system does

Your institution will find that an engagement with us is a lot more than buying software, we address the needs of your whole institution. We look forward to working with you to make secure digital credentialing (issuing digital certificates or digital documents) an enduring part of your institution’s legacy.


Complete control of credential creation

These are your digital certificates or documents , not ours. Add your own logo and include dynamic text for recipient names and course titles to one of our many pre-populated designs, or build your own certificate design completely from scratch with our robust drag and drop certificate designer.

Seamless integration with your existing processes / repositories

Integrating with Digital Locker service or Document issuance systems saves you tons of time sending digital certificates, and creates a seamless experience for your recipients by downloading digital certificates or documents immediately when your criteria is met.

Easy to share

Recipients receive their digital credentials in their digital wallet issued by the issuing institutions using Digital locker service. They can share these credentials and get them verified anytime in their lifetime.

Verification backed by latest cryptographic techniques

Digital credentials such as digital certificates or digital documents are a more secure alternative to paper certificates. All digital credentials issued through our digital locker service or document issuance system can be verified with a single click. Use our premium verification service to allow third-parties to find or confirm credential validity.

Intuitive interface for managing recipients

Validlog administrator interface provides an comprehensive view of credentials that are issued, Recipients requests and usage of the credentials. Our interface takes the pain our of managing who receives the credentials .You can do bulk uploads & update credentials before issuing the credentials.

Introducing Document issuance system

How Document issuance system Works


Source recipient data within or outside


Upload digital certificate / document data in bulk or single


Issue digital certificate / document to recipient


Store and secure digital certificates / documents in repository of your choice

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