What is the procedure involved in the process?

  • The issuing organization issues digital credential to the recipient. Digital credentials can be any digital certificate or digital document
  • The recipient downloads this digital credential on the digital wallet.
  • The recipient can choose whom to share the digital certificate or digital document.
  • The verifying organization verifies the recipient's information on digital certificate or document in real time with authorization from the recipient

Is my digital credential (i.e. digital certificate or digital document) data protected?

We provide complete end to end encryption of your information such that we are unable to read the data relayed via our servers. We also provide mechanism to our customers wherein they can encrypt using their own cryptographic techniques

How can I trust the applicant data provided by Document issuance system or Digital locker service?

Each digital certificate or document claims are verified by its respective issuing authority such as certificate issuers, third party agencies, previous employers etc.

The originals are stored in the repositories or databases chosen by respective issuing organization, currently we support - Government of india's digilocker, our proprietary Blockchain platform, and any private or self - hosted platform of the issuing authority

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we take privacy very seriously. All data exchanged on our platform is encrypted and stored on server. While majority of data is held on recipients own devices and can be shared only with their consent.  Validlog’s decentralized data storage helps in addressing single point of failure and was developed with   GDPR , CCPA and Privacy compliance in mind.

How can issuing authority integrate with the existing HRMS process?

Our Digital certificate or Digital document issuance system / Digital locker service makes on-boarding as simple as possible. It takes only minutes to prepare and upload all of the data required to issue digital credentials such as digital certificates or digital documents to any number of program graduates. We also provide on-site training and installation options to help integrate our platform into your existing software suite while adapting our services to your unique institutional needs.

How do you protect the uploaded data from failure & data breach?

All data uploaded by the issuing authority will be allowed to automatically match and is encrypted that ensures that no one, including us, has access to the issuing authority data besides you and your students. Also, we allows issuing authority to choose their own repository or database i.e Issuer database, Digilocker, our blockchain platform, or any third party repository to store their data