How it works

Upload certificate / document data in bulk or single

OnBoarding issuers on Blockchain – Issuers (organizations that will issue records such as certificates, credentials etc.) need to register with ValidLog using valid KYC. Issuers will be issued valid cryptographic materials for their identity primarly as digital signatures, certificate authorities to issue records on Blockchain.


Issue certificate / document to recipient

  • Recipients signup through a mobile wallet app
  • App generates private and public key for each recipient
  • All digital records carry public key of the recipient for verification


Request, store & share documents or digital certificates or any credentials by people

  • Recipients will request Blockchain Record (BR) from issuer
  • Issuer will submit transaction on Blockchain
  • Nodes will validate the issuer by verifying digital signature
  • Each transaction will contain digital signature of issuer along with public key of recipient


Authorized verification request by the recipient

  • Recipients own records proving their authority with public – private key pair
  • Access digital certificates on mobile app
  • Share records with anyone on mobile app


Verify authenticity of the recipient data in real time

  • Recipients share records link through mobile application
  • Verifiers verify records by auditing transaction on Blockchain